Handy Hints

RSW Sheep 02-tile

Send me your handy hints so I can share them with others.

My first handy hint is my wonderful wood treatment concoction. Mix 50% pure gum turpentine and 50% boiled linseed and rub into the wood of your spinning wheel. Do NOT use the normal turpentine that painters use to wash enamel paint from their paint brushes.


It hydrates parched wood beautifully. Don’t worry if it doesn’t dry straight away; it could take a few days but you will be amazed with the results. Look at the beautiful shine on my Crofter spinning wheel.

Crofter Wheel 05

Instruction booklets for older spinning wheels – If you have a Fomotor Peacock, Crofter, Wee Peggy, Tarra or Ettrick Standard spinning wheels you can check out this site for the instruction booklets. Simply hover over the “Spinning Wheel Info” page along the top banner of the site and a drop down menu will appear.

How to join two yarns by making a double knot
This is a really handy YouTube video that shows how to join two yarns using a magic knot. The link can be found here. And here’s a photo tutorial.

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