Our Craft Camps

Our Craft Weekends
by Jan Bowell

Many years ago, Mavis, our then President said: “Lots of the other clubs host spinning weekends, why don’t WE have one and would anyone like to help?” Having never been to one and having no idea what to expect, I offered my help, and find 25 years later, I’m still co-ordinating our camps!

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During these years, although we have been to five different venues – each with its advantages and challenges – what has never changed has been our lovely friendly atmosphere and the great fun we have when we get together with others who share our joy in spinning, weaving and all our associated crafts. One of our regular “joys” is a new offering from our Poet Bribieate.

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Throughout the weekend, we have many who are just happy to share their expertise with others, individually, as well as workshops on specific skills, so whether we are just learning (at our No 1, we had a lady arrive with a new wheel, a huge bag of fleece and a desire to learn – she still comes) or if we are highly skilled – there is always something for everyone. We also have a variety of shops, so we can buy “stuff” and take it home to add to our ever increasing stashes.

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For the last few years we have used the “House of Happiness” on Bribie Island. This is very easy to get to, has lovely comfortable beds – no bunks – in rooms that are built around a large swimming pool; also the beach is just across the road. We have found that by limiting our numbers to around 50, it gives us a more intimate, friendly occasion.
I wrote all this for the benefit of all our lovely new spinners, as well as our older ones who have never ventured to camp – or maybe not for many years.

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So here is everyone’s invitation to visit Bribie Island on Friday, 24 August – coming home Sunday, 26 August 2018. Once the invitations go out to other clubs, we fill up very fast, so if you are even thinking you might like to come – make a provisional booking by putting your name on Charlotte’s list to reserve your place. Here is a link to the application form.

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PS. Many years ago, we decided we didn’t like going the whole summer break without any spinning times, so we organised, for just our members, to have a few days away each January. We call this our Clayton’s Weekend as it actually takes place on weekdays!

Jan Bowell is our Camp Convenor and can be contacted on (07) 3207 2732.

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